The Ultimate Fundraiser!

Our unique, fun, and informative system creates a valuable experience for everyone involved. We make It simple for you to have an impact, provide education, and generate donations.

Does your SCHOOL CLUB, RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION, or YOUTH PROGRAM, have families that would benefit from learning how to provide their children with a great education?

Chances are your organization or club centers around community and support. And chances are your success relies on fundraising. What better way to raise necessary funds than providing an educational experience that also benefits your families? Never have to spend hours at Chipotle again! Learn how we can support your organization or club and its members.

Does your SCHOOL  want to help their students get the best education possible?

Parents are often confused and overwhelmed by the college planning journey. They question:

  • What is the difference between a Section 529 and a Pre-Paid Program?
  • How do we understand the finances behind the FAFSA and CSS profiles?
  • What are the different college savings plans and how do we use them during college?
  • What types of loans, grants, and scholarships are available?
  • Why are test prep, essay writing, and interview skills so important for kids in the admissions process?

We answer all of this and more!

Does your BUSINESS need support in better serving their employees, at no cost?

Research shows that the stress and overwhelm of college planning for their kids takes time, attention, and performance away from employees’ work.

We help your employees understand how the benefits you provide can be invaluable to them as their family plans for college. We help create peace of mind and ease so that your most valuable team members can stay focused and productive. Your commitment to your employees recognizes them as valuable team members, crucial to employee satisfaction and retention. Learn how you can provide value through education and not more expenses.

Financial professionals

Connect with thousands of families in need of financial planning for college. Most people are winging it when it comes to preparing financially for college and confuse saving with planning. We align you with potential clients, giving you the opportunity to make an impact and provide wisdom. 


  • Engage with families in need of your expertise and services.
  • Seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in your community.
  • Work directly with an assigned CAFA Concierge, streamlining the process for you.
  • Establish yourself as the go-to expert in financial college planning within your community.
  • Built in flexibility tailored to your practice.
  • Independence to operate as an autonomous agent and place your business where you want.
  • Benefit from our low-cost highly effective model